Friday, May 23, 2008

Narrative #5

In the spring of 1941, my wife and I got married. We’ve had known each other since we were young children. My family and her family were next door neighbors. I can picture that now, the day that her family moved in to the house next to mine. She was wearing her pink overalls and her bright blue sneakers. She was the cutest girl that I have ever seen.
Her family was new to the neighborhood so one day I decided to make friends with her. She was a quiet, young girl. We hung out everyday after school. To make things even better, we went to the same school. We did everything together. From that day on, I knew that she was the love of my life.
It has been ten years now and we are off to college. It was a sad day for the both of us. She was accepted to a college in the west coast, a college that she would always tell about that she would love to go to and I was accepted to a college in the east. We were going to be apart for four years. Since the day that her family moved into the neighborhood, we have never been a day apart and now we were going to have to be four years apart?!
One day we were talking and we decided that we would plant a tree in a place that her and I would go to everyday. It was a special place for us. It was a place where we shared our first kiss. We planted the tree to show that this tree would live forever just like the love that we had for each other would.
Then one day I got a phone call and got some devastating news. She had been in a car accident. She had been hit by a drunk driver and it was a hit-and-run. She had suffered some head trauma and there was a chance that she would not make it.
I immediately flew over to the west. After a few months she recovered. It was a long three months. Everyday I would think about her hoping that she would make it. When she finally recovered, I brought her back to the place that we first shared our first kiss.

Narrative #4

It is in the spring of 2000. It is Maria’s wedding day. Today is such a beautiful day for a wedding. This is a picture Jessica and I outside of the church where Maria’s wedding was held. It is an exciting day for our best friend Maria who is getting married to a guy named John. She is marrying the guy that she has been dating since 1995. They have been dating for about five years and now they have decided to get married. We are so happy for her. This picture was taken after the wedding. After the wedding we had a few minutes to take pictures before heading off back to her house for a ceremony. Her dress was so beautiful. Maria is the most beautiful girl that we know. We were so happy that she had invited us to her wedding. We would expect that she would invite us, considering we are her best friends. Jessica and I were bridesmaids in the wedding. It was so exciting for us to be a part of something so important to our best friend that is also important to us. My dress was blue with a red bow and Jessica’s dress was a red dress. I think that the red bow was a part of Jessica’s dress but I decided to steal it from her to make it a part of my dress. She was fine with this choice. J We were acting so goofy on this day. This day was a beautiful day. We could smell the fresh cut grass, hear the birds chirping and we decided to take a picture next to a tree that had “Hoa Dao” on it. It was white and we just thought that since we are both beautiful women, we could make the flower that was already beautiful even more gorgeous.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Vietnamese Flowers was the topic that I chose for my concept-folio. I wanted to do a topic that no one or at least not many people would chose. As many people may know, I am Asian (Vietnamese). I wanted to choose a topic that would reflect my ethnicity. Most people probably only know Vietnam as the place where the Vietnam War occurred so I wanted to show that there is more to Vietnam then just where a war took place and concentrate on the more positive things in life such as nature. In my case, I chose Asian Flowers as my topic. This topic stood out to me compared to all the things that I could do about Vietnam was that there are certain flowers that only grow and stay alive around Chinese New Year’s which makes these type of flowers unique.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Narrative 1

Once upon a time there were four beautiful women in this country of Vietnam. In each of these “pictures” they are doing their own thing. All around them they see beautiful flowers. There are four different women in four different scenes combined to become as one picture. The name of these beautiful young women is Kim, Mai, Trang, and Hong. Kim’s situation is that she is a rich, young beautiful young woman off on the country enjoying her day. She is an elegant young woman and is dressed like a young woman should. In the second scenery, Mai is starting her day off by doing house chores outside. She is looking down upon the surroundings that surround her. She is thinking to herself that it is a nice day to be outdoors. Trang is a maid in her family. Her duty is to do the house chores. She is in a way happy to be outside but not happy to have to do chores. Hong has just finished her chores is ready to be off outdoors to enjoy her day. Enjoy what is left of the day before the next day comes and she will have to start her day of chores all over again. These beautiful young women all have a busy day ahead of them.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Hoa Mai"

The photographer of this photograph is Vietnamese and his name is Vu Thanh. This picture is of Hoa Mai., one of the many types of Vietnamese flowers.
This image is of Hoa Mai. There is a balance of the main focus of this photograph. The hue of this photograph of Hoa Mai is seen to be coming from above, shining down on the flower. Realism is something that this picture can be described as. This is because this photograph is real. It is a picture of a real object. The texture of this picture is pure. The viewer can sense the smooth feeling that this flower has. Hoa Mai is the highlight of this picture. It is clearly seen because it is the main focus and the central topic. The tone of this picture is just perfect. There is not too much or not enough lighting on the flower.
Hoa Mai is clearly seen that this flower has bloomed. It is still in its early stages and is still pure. The middle part of the flower is interesting. It is as though something is coming out of the flower. The flower itself is interesting. Hoa Mai, the petals is “tied” all together, connecting as one, making a flower. Is there a significance to the middle part of the Hoa Mai?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

...Changing My Topic To "Asian Flowers"

I was thinking about changing my topic to doing Asian flowers because it seems that a lot of people are choosing the topic of love for their concept folio. So I was thinking about choosing to do Asian flowers instead. I'm choosing this because I'm Asian and there are a lot of really beautiful flowers. There are even types of flowers that only grow around the time that Chinese New Year occurs and only stay alive for a few days which is interesting. My culture celebrates New Year's the same day(s) as the Chinese do. It is February 7th this year. The days and months in Vietnam, China, Asia areas are behind. The year of the Mouse. :) Just like mostly everyone else in the world, New Years is celebrated on the night of December 31st and until Jan. 1st. What do you think about my decision to do this?...Leave comments on my blog. :)